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Welcome to the resistance. 

Theater Oblivion is a dedicated ensemble of Queer people aimed to fight back against those who seek to silence us.  We believe that the greatest act of protest in these trying times is to generate diverse and challenging work that tells the stories of those who are otherwise maligned by society.

Through our grassroots efforts we have begun accumulating a promising network of artists in a variety of media. We have been touched by how the very first ripples of our message and our mission have been received by the Philadelphia community. It is inspiring to us, and reassuring to know that the demand for Queer art is as high as we believed it to be.


We have been disappointed by multiple artistic institutions in the city and beyond who have failed to appreciate talented Queer artists, and have undermined the fight for civil rights and eradication of stigma by thin efforts to tell Queer stories. As a collective, as artists, and as a branch of the army against stigma affecting Queer folk, BIPOC, sex industry workers, those affected by mental illness, substance use disorder and forward thinkers, we believe it is our civic duty to represent the multiculturalism that is the back bone of society. 


We wish you to join us in the Oblivion, where outcasts of society reside as we attempt to shed light on people and lifestyles that are cast aside because they are too difficult to explain. Help us tell stories that desperately seek to be told.  Have a play you want produced, looking for an acting opportunity, or have some technical skills? Perhaps you don't consider yourself an artist, but you are of like mind and have skills as an organizer or influencer in our community. Please. Contact us.


Join us in the Oblivion. 

Black Lives Matter 

Black Tran Lives Matter 

Wear Your Masks

Consider Supporting Theater Oblivion


The Oblivion has a dedication to affordable live experiences that are immersive and intimate, so that those who are often unable to afford typical theater prices are to do so. As a result we are unable to cover production costs from ticket sales alone.  


Please consider donating to our GoFundMe here. Because we believe our artists are talented and driven enough to call art their career, and in order to be taken seriously as a theater collective, we must pay them for their work.  Your donations will go to paying the cast, crew, and overhead for our productions. 

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