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Addiction Narrative anthology project


Addiction Narrative Anthology Project (A.N.A.P) asks the question"what is addiction."Through the sharing of first hands accounts of drug use disorder and recovery, we are building a platform of connection and learning to our community. 

This community based project aims to capture the real life experiences with Drug Use Disorder, and curate performances that address the realities communities face in their fight against addiction. This anthology aims to uplift the voices of those who have struggled with drug use and their mental/physical health, in order to bring about awareness and change the negative stigma surrounding the topic of addiction.  


In collaboration with mental health experts, community organizers, and the usage of first person narratives; this series uses interviews to create live theatrical performances that detail the journey those with addiction have on their path to recovery. Highlighting their personal strife as well as the systemic obstacles they face along the way, we welcome audiences to step into the life of someone they may have negative feelings towards and gain perspective into what it is like to live with Drug Use Disorder. 

get involved

If you are someone lives with or has recovered from Drug Use Disorder and wishes to share their story, or be a part of the process in any way please email for more information on the interview process.  Please know that all information is kept completely confidential and any personal information will never be shared beyond our interview team and licensed health professionals. 

Check out the Siren Songs, our first installment presented in the 2019 fringe festival for visual representation of the project.

Spread love. Check in on your friends and family regularly and #endthestigma

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